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Site News

CubeCart 6.1.0 Released - 10/25/2016

As per the official announcement, CubeCart 6.1.0 has been released.

Key points from the release thread:

- Dashboard notifications for extension updates.
- Font Awesome replaced with SVG in Foundation skin for optimisation with smaller page loads.
- SVG support for logo.
- Redis cache support.
- Automatic admin folder/file renaming on install for improved security.
- Automated admin file and folder renaming after auto/forced upgrade based on config values.
- Store email log with preview of rich and plain text version.
- Log retention (default 30 days).
- Reviews can be added via admin control panel.
- "Available for purchase" field added to import tool.
- Free shipping option for coupon codes.
- Smarty template engine updated to 3.1.30.
- Email content and template syntax validation on save.
- Improvements to front end catalogue search for partial word matches.
- Improvements to mail()/SMTP test tool.
- Unsettled orders tab improvements on dashboard for print, bulk print and status change.
- Merchants can now specify featured products.
- Bulk price update tool now includes quantity discounts and product options.
- Bulk product assign to category tool improved.
- Bulk price change tool separated from "assign to category" tool.
- "More" pagination memory on browser back button on front end of "Foundation" skin.
- Improved admin control panel file manager with drag and drop image uploads.
- Misc bug fixes & tweaks.

Upgrading to CC6 is recommended for CC3/CC4/CC5/CC6 stores.

If you need assistance with installing a CC6 store, please order a CubeCart Install.
If you need assistance with upgrading your store, please order a CubeCart Upgrade.

If you have any questions relating to installing or upgrading, please contact me.