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Upgrading To CubeCart 6

Upgrading your store from CubeCart 3 (CC3) or CubeCart 4 (CC4) to CubeCart 6 (CC6) is not a simple task.

At some point, the majority of stores running CC3/CC4 will need to be upgraded to CC6.
But before that can happen a lot of planning needs to be done to ensure you store functions as expected.

The planning stage consists of 2 main elements:
- modifications
- skin
Each of these are outlined in more detail below.

Unfortunately, any modifications you currently use, will not work with CC6.
If you still require the functionality of the mod:
- check if it's built into CC6 as standard
- check with the mod author regarding the status of a CC6 version
When the functionality is not available via either of the above, then custom coding may be required.

Likewise your current skin also will not work with CC6.
So that leaves you with these skin options:
- use a standard CC6 skin as is
- use a standard CC6 skin, modify it to look how you want
- use a 3rd party CC6 skin as is
- use a 3rd party CC6 skin, modify it to look how you want
- have a custom CC6 skin created for you
- have a custom CC6 skin, based off your current skin, created for you

Once you have covered the mods + skin, its then time to look at the CC6 upgrade process itself.

Here is a brief rundown of the process I use:
- create a clone of the CC3/CC4 store
- upgrade the clone to CC6
- apply the CC6 skin to the clone
- apply the CC6 mods to the clone
- test the clone store thoroughly
- replace the live store (CC3/CC4) with the clone store (CC6)

Obviously its not as simple as I have detailed above, but that should give you a rough idea of what is involved.

If you need assistance with upgrading your store, please order a CubeCart Upgrade.
If you have any questions relating to upgrading, please contact me.