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Upgrading CubeCart 6 Plugins

Upgrading your CubeCart 6 plugin(s) is a pretty simple process.

Step 1
Obtain the latest version of the applicable plugin(s) available.
If you purchased the plugin via my store, this can be done via the downloads page.
If you purchased the plugin via the CubeCart Marketplace, this can be done via the applicable plugin page in the marketplace.

Step 2
Backup your store's database.
You can do this via your store admin or by using a tool like phpmyadmin.

Step 3
Backup the installed version of the plugin.
The simplest way to do that is to download the plugin directory (e.g. /modules/plugins/SFWS_Ajax_Configurable_Search_Box/) from your hosting account.
This can be done using a FTP client or by using cpanel's file manager.

Step 4
Extract the zip file (e.g. SFWS_Ajax_Configurable_Search_Box-3.0.4.zip).
Upload the extracted folder (e.g. SFWS_Ajax_Configurable_Search_Box) to your store's '/modules/plugins/' directory.
When doing this you will be replacing the files already on the server.
I recommend using a FTP client for this step.

Step 5 (Optional)
If you have modified any of the template files that come with the plugin, now would be the time to apply these changes to the latest version.
Same goes for if you made any code changes to the plugin itself.
Otherwise you can skip to step 6.

Step 6
Visit the configuration page for the plugin in a web browser.
Make any necessary changes (if applicable) and save the configuration.
Test the plugin thoroughly in your store.

That is it, you have successfully upgraded your plugin to the latest version.
Of course if your require assistance with doing this, contact me.