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Customer Testimonials

Thanks Daren for the help with joomla upgrade, the customer was extremely happy with the outcome of the old site when all the work was finished and ended up with a Mobile friendly upto date site. Excellent work !!!!

Grant Booth
Rod Andrews Race Cars

Daren is not only one of the best coders/developers I've ever encountered in my 4+ years of online business but he is also a great person.  This guy, who I've never met in person, has become not only my go to developer but also a friend.  Working with Daren pretty much daily for years he has never let me down, never been insincere and has always gone above and beyond to help me out and fulfill my wants and needs.  Trust me, if you're looking for custom work on your site or a mod, this is your man right here - I recommend his services highly and hold him in the highest light possible.  I look forward to another 4 years of his services! P.S.  Without this man I would not be able to live my dream as an internet entrepreneur!

Greg Berry
Wear Your City

SemperFi is a rarity in the industry – a reliable and conscientious worker that has a superb skill set. 
He truly acts as more of a “business partner” with his clients’ best interest at heart.  I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve positive results.

Hammock Universe

SemperFi did an outstanding job for me recently.
I was quite apprehensive about upgrading because of the hassle I was having getting assistance on the forum. SemperFi upgraded my site and all the mods in a very timely manner and it was done right. There were a couple small things that weren't perfect but once we found them, he was all over it. SemperFi did a great job and I highly recommend him!

Patrick McNealy
Superbike Toystore

SemperFi has helped me turn a standard cubecart site into a website which has been described as one of the best looking cubecart stores on the net.
I asked for many modifictions, sometimes not knowing what I really wanted however he always seemed to know and understand without any problems.
A person you can rely on with expert advice! 
Excellent quality and excellent value!

Malcolm Ord
I am, to say the least far from expert, and i have needed heaps of help with my shop. It took me a long time to get my store up as i had to learn things that i had no idea about. Still i have no idea about most things....however I found SemperFi and he has made life so easy for me now. He has helped me so much with problems that i have had within my shop, and done a full upgrade and even helped me with changing my servers.
He has gone over and above my expectations, and my shop is working perfectly now, no hitches or problems. I am so grateful for SemperFi's service, he is fast, reliable and extremely reasonable in price. Answering all my questions in simple terms so i understand, this guy is great....he is going to be hearing from me in the future if there is anything else i need. I don't need to pull anymore of my hair out anymore.
10/10 and 5 Stars
Krystal Love

Having worked with SemperFi many times over the past few years, he comes most highly recommended. He works with me to figure out problems and issues as if he were a partner and not being payed for a service. SemperFi is the one I trust with all of my cube cart issues because he understands my situation and works with my best interest in mind, never overcharging or recommending unneeded work. Anyways, the man must have an air horn alarm on his email program because the response time is almost automatic. Usually I do not leave such high praise as this, but SemperFi has helped me out of numerous jams and helped me grow and keep up my business and he deserves every bit of the praise!
Please feel free to contact me for a reference.

Greg Berry
Mariano Foods
I found SemperFi on the Cubecart forum and because of all the positive reviews decided to use him to upgrade and install cubecart.
Let me tell you ... best decision ever.
SemperFi really and truly went above and beyond my expectations. He replied to emails so fast it was like we were IMing!
He upgraded and installed Cubecart and several mods quickly and was very thorough in testing.
I can't say enough good things about him.
Cool Kids Stuff

We use Semperfi for all of our customization and coding needs. He provides professional, quality, and quick service. If we have an idea for something we want to add or change on our website, Semperfi is brilliant at making custom modules or coding to get the job done. If you have a problem on your site and need a module or code added to fix the problem, he is wonderful at brainstorming to give you different options for a resolution. Hire Semperfi with confidence and know that he will get the job done!

Celebrity Style Wigs
If you need an extra module, or help with Cubecart, or any other software, you will find the best programmer at www.semperfiwebservices.com
I have worked with many other programmers and am happy to say I finally found the best!
SemperFi is someone you can count on to do what he says and more. I am just thankful I found him and you will be too!
Trendy Fabrics
SemperFi is my go to guy.
He has helped me out numerous times without hesitation.
I feel that my website would not be what it is without his help.
His ongoing help has made my website phenominal, and not to mention has brought in many new customers.
It seems as though SemperFi is always on call. The moment I hit him with an email with questions or concerns, he immediately replies. Now that is some great service!
I thank SemperFi for my success! Anybody would be a fool not to have SemperFi help them!
Tom Nguyen
Phim Viet Store

If you are looking for reliable and excellent service on codes/developing Mods in CubCart look no further. SemperFi is nothing but the best. I am well impressed with his work, always willing to help and go that extra mile. I have known him for over 3 years, never meet him but we have developed such a remarkable friend ship online.  Without his support I would have given up on my ecommerce business. I will strongly recommend him.

Dennis Macfoy
Chelsea Bride

For us SemperFi is quite simply the best outsourced developer. Extremely prompt, highly informative and fantastic to work with.

Cobra Support

I am very thankful for all the kind help Semperfi gives us. We have two webshops and both stores are in good hands with Semperfi.
As soon as there is an upgrade needed Semperfi installs them for us.
And although we live in the Netherlands language and time difference doesn't make a difference at all.

Esther van der Wal
Truck Webshop

Can't say enough about the fab service from SemperFi. Nothing was too much trouble and every query I had was answered and dealt with in no time. Nothing was too much trouble and always made to feel like SemperFi would go out of his way to help!

Heather Newlands
I Do Gifts

Semperfi has come to the rescue more times than i care to admit. Really impeccable service and help over the last year. Really I would go nowhere else

Richard Lawford
Wayland Games

Daren has done for me what, before I met him, I could only dream of. He has turned an off-the-shelf cubecart into the complete web site I have wanted for years. Daren listened, asked questions I never would have thought of, discovered what I wanted and needed, and set about creating exactly that.
This includes an extensive, custom built site document utility, a membership function whose features puts lots of expensive commercial ones to shame, and many other innovative, even inspired, modifications and enhancements too numerous to mention.
Over and above his technical skills, however, is his professionalism, creativity, warmth and genuineness. What you see is most definitely what you get. Moreover, his rates are very reasonable, and I would recommend him over anyone one else.

David Bromfield
Path With Heart

We could not be happier with the services provided by SemperFiWebServices. After a brief chat, they soon understood completely what we were after. SemperFiWebServices.com are as talented as they are professional. Highly Recommended.

Andy H

Many thanks Daren for accepting the task of integrating my Cubecart Website with the Webgains affiliate program. A job very well done.

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas

In the past, we have contracted many code writers. This changed when we met SemperFi. He has successfully created more than 8 custom mods for us. SemperFi is very accurate and he works very quickly. His mods never contain bugs. Also, he has good ideas how to improve one’s website and he provides you with a very comprehensive explanation of the things he just created. He is always prepared to help us in case we experience (general) technical problems with our website too. Besides, in contrast to other code writers, SemperFi rarely sells the mods to other customers. In SemperFi, you can really trust!

Erik de Groot
Parfum Webshop

In our heavily modded site, Semperfi's custom-made new mod has fitted like a glove. What we have asked for, even better.
Great communication before, during and after work was done.
5 stars.

Emmanuel Avargués

Fantastic service and products. I'm already back to purchase more. Very reliable and efficient. I highly recommend to anyone.

Tony Barberi
Action Queen

As with all store owners, I had an idea of what I wanted but no way to realize it until I emailed Daren.

What I thought was going to cost thousands turned out to be just hundreds. I also thought it would take weeks and months of playing with to get right but it just took him a few days.

For a true professional in all aspects of dealing with him, I cannot recommend Daren enough. I am already planning my next idea and mod, so Daren will be busy working for me again!

Thanks for your work, and indeed your friendship, I look forward to working along side you again in the VERY near future.

James Robinson
Washer Spares Direct

Of all the developers we've used in the past years you've been by far the most professional, thorough, and effective.
As far as we're concerned, you can't go wrong with SemperFi.

Max and Hanuman
More Than Sound

Thank you SemperFi for all your knowledge, help and kindness that you show me when I ask for help. No question is too little - and Daren, you have so much patience and a true teaching spirit. I feel good knowing I can always contact you!

Charley and Company

We recommend Daren, SemperFiWebServices, highly & appreciate his diligence and ability to get our site upgraded and running efficiently and smoothly in very short order. What did we appreciate most about his services? Based on prior webdesigners we have had in the past ~ He quoted a price and that was what it was, he did the work in not only a timely fashion, but it was done correctly. He even worked overtime to get our site up when we switched over originally to a upgraded shopping cart. Great Service and Quality ~ Thank you!

Rhonda Leippi
Specialty Shooting Sports Outdoors

Semperfiwebservices are great people to deal with and very helpful. They have undertaken a large amount of work for us at http://www.silverbacksmonkeyhouse.co.uk and will continue to do so in the future. Very, very highly recommended

Silver Backs Monkey House

If you are looking for the best help and support when purchasing, installing, and post sales service, then look no further. We bought the coupon module for CC5 and Daren has been absolutely fantastic. Despite our clumsy efforts to sabotage his excellent mod, he has been on hand to correct various errors we have made. Thank you Daren.

UK Surplus Central

Semperfi has done so many things for my shop with quick response, quick fix and well documented. Everything from small- to bigger programming-jobs he does to perfection. Everyone understands what going on and when. If you consider to hire Semperfi, do not hesitate. He is the best!
Daren, thank you so much the good service in the past many years. I hope for many too in the future.

Hardware Store

I am very pleased with both mods I purchased and find them very useful for our website. Instructions are very clear and all works as described.
Great work!

Rock Shop


Thanks for the great service and install service for the MANUFACTURER IMPROVEMENTS CC5.

G Booth
HRC Online Store

I Thank semperfiwebservice for are using but also to have translated into a script for my multilanguage site. And also for the small improvement that I proposed it. thank you again for listening and are availability.

Campagna Fabrice
Santons Peyron-Campagna

I highly recommend Daren's services. He provided wonderful, patient service while customizing my Cube Cart store, both visually and nuts and bolts.

Jane Stafford
Jane Stafford Textiles

Love your work Daren thank you, once again you have shined through

Home Decore And Gift Shop

Daren is one of the Good Guys, straight forward, always ready to Help which is very rare any more, I just want to say Thank you Daren for running a Great Company in Semperfi. I have bought products from Semperfi and have had Daren do work for me, He is worth ever dime, I send him the information he needs to do the job and I forget about it and get on to other things. I know with confidence that the job will be done right and handled quickly.

Tim Nicholson
Hells Angels Oshawa

Daren responds to support requests over and above the call of duty. He's effective and, importantly, persistent with his support — he won't let go until it's working as advertised! Always good to deal with.

Will Shaman
Theolyn Cortens

Had some help on my website Semperfi Webservices have been outstanding with their knowledge of Cubecart and highly professional at what they do, higher recommended "LOVE THEIR WORK WELL DONE GUYS"

Dean Ring
Ring Hot Water